Your Message as Documentary

Are you looking to inform or entertain, to stand out in front of your competition,
or to increase your brand awareness?
Video is an effective solution to keep your audiences focussed and engaged.
Video is entertainment, it creates excitement and loyalty, it connects.


CatchingFilm Trailer


Why a film on video?

We make films using video technology,
because video can be seen by almost everybody,
played back on almost every media device,
because video can be searched for.

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, after Google?
One billion users, four billion views each day of which 1 billion mobile!


A Catching Film, in one of the following genres, for you?

  1. Event impression
  2. Documentary style story
  3. Corporate film


(Click on one of the following subjects for more information)


You have an important happening, an event you’d like to remember, to share? Have a nice, catchy impression?


Your Story
Perhaps, you have got to tell a story. Your story, for a jubilee, or about something that really catches you?


Business Promotion
So, you want to promote your business, product or service?



Have a Message? Want te be Found?

Say it by video!

Yes, your message as documentary