Business Promotion as Documentary

So, you want to promote your business, product or service?


In CatchingFilm it is not about flashy advertisements and we must avoid turning into a kind of propaganda. However, a story in documentary form about your company, your product or service gives us an opportunity to present it in a sincere, probably much more convincing way.

Let’s look at a few examples.


Show your production process

Video is the perfect medium to provide an insight in your production process and to demonstrate the quality. The following video shows the automated collection of daily medication for hospitals and large pharmacies:


Daily medicine collection


For Sale: Real Estate

When the property is beyond the average it is definitely to your advantage to have a documentary type of introduction to the property and its neighbourhood (sorry, the narration is in Dutch):


Real Estate Documentary


World famous flower exposition in ‘De Keukenhof’


The ‘kitchen garden’ is known as the Garden of Europe, one of the world’s largest flower gardens. Visitors are from all over the world. To attract this public you need a convincing presence on the internet.


The Garden of Europe, De Keukenhof


Enlarge your public beyond the exhibition visitors

You have a nice booth at an exhibition and (hopefully) a lot of visitors. Why not showing your presence to all your current and potential customers, not able to attend your show? The Pharmagora is a large annual pharmaceutical exhibition in Paris:


Pharmagora in Paris


Promote your business, product or service?

Say it by video!

Yes, your promotion as documentary