Event Impressions

You have an important happening, an event you’d like to remember, to share? Have a nice, catchy impression?


If there is anything in the world meant for video then it is a special event from which you like to have an overview, see the highlights, feel the atmosphere, feel like you are there, share this feeling.
A video provides all of this and for participants it is a lasting ‘souvenir’.

Let’s have a look at a few examples of days to remember:


Bastogne Historic Walk

In the very cold winter of 1944 Hitler started his ‘Battle of the Bulge’.
As stated on one of the memorial plaques: “May the world never forget”, each year in Bastogne there is an ‘Historic Walk’ over the roads, through the woods, along the ‘fox holes’ where so bitterly has been fought and where the allied forces eventually won. A documentary with original images from the Battle of the Bulge blends the past with the historic walk of the presence:


Bastogne Historic Walk. “May the World Never Forget!”


‘Russian Day’ in the Netherlands

A whole day with activities, costumes, souvenirs, music, related to Russia as we like to see it.
Dressed up people, Russian dogs, birds of prey, Russian music and dancing, Russian food. Na zdorovje!


A ‘Russian Day’ in style


Jan Hilgers Memorial Airshow

One hundred years ago Jan Hilgers was the first Dutchman to fly an aircraft. A fantastic Memorial Airshow takes us by the hand through the history of (mostly) militairy aviation:


A B17 ‘Flying Fortress’ bomber from worldwar II


Hunting Experience

I know, I know. To some of us, hunting is evil. But as a filmmaker, …
Combining nature life, a fair, hunting in the mountains. Combining your own images with those of other filmmakers. It sure provides us with a catching short documentary about the Hunting Experience:


Hunting Experience


Remember a fantastic event? See, hear, feel, share?

Say it by video!

Yes, your event impression as documentary