My Own Story

My Own Story

Tolllogic Creative Productions &
High Definition Video


Moving images and sound is fascinating, can even touch us deeply. There are so many beautiful things to show. Ancient cultures and distant places, companies and their services and products, overwhelming nature, and fantastic people.

Whether with photography or videography, ‘mission accomplished’ when the spectator gets involved. If certain details stand out or just the composition leads to the cohesion. Seeing, feeling the fusion with the music, touched.

When I was young I had a photo camera and was shooting slides which could be beautifully displayed on a white screen, using a projector. (Yes, very old fashioned. Do you remember?) With those still images the first multi-media productions were created. A slide show, with sound and automated slide switching. No movie but ‘still’ a kind of cinema experience with narration and catching music. From exciting hikes through the Alps in Austria to unforgettable experiences in Indonesia.

The years go by. Travelling results in piles of printed photographs. (Remember, a second print for cheap?) The most beautiful ones are promoted to a large poster. And make no mistake, a large printed photograph in high resolution is hard to beat and, like a wonderful painting, can be very Intriguing.

You don’t hear me saying everything was better in the old days. The invention of the pc and subsequently the Internet has given us a freedom with literally no borders. In stead of being a programmer working for a company with priceless mainframes (very big computers with which you can fill a building), I could then work at home om my own Personal Computer. The photographs are now digital and stored on the harddisk and in the cloud. Freedom is now also sharing the most beautiful images with others (via the internet).

Film, also such a story. You remember? Dubbel Eight, Super Eight film? Editing is literally cut and glue. And a sound track on the film. Low quality sound since film is not transported that fast and regular and you can hear where the sound track was cut. And again, a projector and large projection screen where a necessity …

With the invention of video things are getting better. The sound is OK, but the image. Compare the image quality of a dvd with a perfectly printed photograph. All details are missing. However, seeing and hearing those little kids… You cannot reproduce that with a still image.

And now, we got High Definition and everything came alright.
Now we have all the details, a large screen and superior sound.
With a modern camera and a fast pc nothing stands in our way.

Let’s get to work …


Kind regards,

Johan van Toll

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