Your Story as Documentary

Perhaps, you’ve got to tell a story?


This story can basically cover any subject you are interested in.
The problem might be that the story is in your head but that you would like to share it.
A film might be ideal…

You even may have already some (historic?) video or photo material that can be used. New video has to be recorded to cover the current situation, to extent the story with interviews with you or other relevant persons and everything else, to not only tell your story but to show your story, to take viewers into your story.


Let me give you some examples of CatchingFilm stories, so you’ll get the idea.


Nature Conservation, documentary

The main character in this film has been at a lot of places in the world and I have accompanied him on some of these trips, enabling me to capture part of his story as it develops:


An interview about Nature Conservation




Cover a yourney, a holiday, a company trip with personel.
The trip in this film is deep into the Amazone forest in Suriname:


In the jungle in Suriname.




You like to have the story of your life, or any life, shown and narrated on video.
As an example, this film has been shown at a funeral ceremony, as a loving memory of the dear relative or friend:


Loving memories …


Have a Story?  Want to have it told?

Say it by video!

Yes, your story as documentary